About Us

Who we are

FEI Visualization Science Group, is the leading provider of high-performance 3D visualization toolkits and software for engineers and scientists, delivering advanced 3D software solutions for scientific data visualization, engineering and simulation, materials science and geosciences. 

Formerly TGS, VSG has been the Visualization Sciences Group of Mercury Computer Systems, from May 2004 until it became a stand-alone company again in June 2009 through a Management Buy-Out.

In August 2012, Visualization Sciences Group was acquired by the FEI Company.

Our Mission

FEI Visualization Science Group's mission has been largely constant over the 25+ year history of the company (and its predecessors): we are focused on helping our industrial and scientific customers to:

  • understand the emerging state of the art that can assist them in their business and research.
  • access powerful new visualization technologies with easy to use tools and applications.
  • protect the development investments that they have made in visualization over time, from changes in prevailing hardware and software visualization practices.

Our Offering

FEI Visualization Science Group's offering consists of two product families:

For software developers:

  • Open Inventor®, an object-oriented 3D graphics toolkit for software developers that want to use a robust 3D framework to build and sell high-performance applications, and for companies with development resources that need to create and deploy demanding visualization applications internally.

For scientists and engineers:

  • The Avizo® family offers an extensive 3D visualization and analysis software toolset, ready to use by end-user organizations whose engineers and scientists want to visualize and understand complex data. Avizo® also provides the whole Open Inventor® tool-set in an easy to access, customizable, application framework.
  • Amira® is the sister-product of Avizo® for life sciences and biomedical data visualization and analysis.

FEI Visualization Science Group also offers a full range of services and expertise to further help our users to leverage our products and technologies to maximize their benefits.

Our products are proposed with exceptional support and maintenance services, that fully ensure reliability and protects long-term investment.

Our Key Values

State-of-the-art 3D Visualization
Capitalizing on 25+ years of expertise in 3D technologies and user interfaces

Very Large Data Management (Volumes & Meshes)
Unique ability to handle out-of-core 3D data provides breakthrough performance

Scalability and Remote Rendering capabilities
Patented technology for distributed and remote rendering

3D Visualization / Computation interoperability
Beyond GPU-Computing: synchronous visualization and computation

Our Customers

FEI Visualization Science Group serves world-class customers, all leaders in their respective industrial and scientific disciplines. We count hundreds of customers worldwide, including the leading companies in Oil&Gas, Medical, Design & Engineering markets, as well as major scientific, research and governmental organizations.

Our Team

FEI Visualization Science Group is composed of a uniquely experienced and strongly committed team. We serve our customers worldwide through R&D, sales and operation offices in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and United States and through our dedicated distributor channel.